Responsibilities of the Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for financial planning and analysis, internal control and auditing, cash and investments, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, billing and collecting revenue for water, and procuring goods and services for the District. Important documents produced by the Finance Department include the Adopted Budget and the Comprehensive Annual Finance Report. The department is made up of four divisions.

The Finance Department is also responsible for ensuring compliance with the following Board-adopted policies:


Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports

Long-Term Debt

Water Rates

AB 1600 Reports


The Customer Service and Meter Reading Division handles meter reading, payment processing, billing, hydrant meter rentals, and customer calls pertaining to billing inquiries and establishing/cancelling service.

The Accounting and Treasury Division oversees the District’s cash and investments, general accounting, payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable. The division also prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and serves as the primary external audit liaison.

The Budget and Financial Analysis Division maintains the budget and administers debt issuances. Other responsibilities include rates and charges, financial planning, and general financial analysis.

The Procurement and Contracts Division oversees the procurement of materials, supplies, services, and equipment for the District.