Water Rates

To learn more about how the District sets water rates and charges, please visit the Water Rates Process page.

Schedule of Water Rates - Bimonthly Readings & Billings

Customers' meters are read every two months. Bills for all metered services, except for Private Fire Services, consist of two charges:

  1. A bimonthly meter service charge (fixed charge)
  2. Commodity charge (based on amount of water consumption)

Bimonthly Meter Service Charge

The District's service charge is levied against all customers in the District on a bimonthly basis based on the size of each meter on the customer's premises. The charge is designed to recover costs which do not vary with consumption. These costs include meter reading and billing customers for each bimonthly period, a portion of the District's debt service costs, and maintenance and replacement of meters and service lines in the distribution system. The charge is in addition to the District's commodity charge which is based on the amount of water consumed.

Bimonthly Meter Service Charge (All Customers):

Meter SizeCharge as of 3/1/2019Charge as of 3/1/2020
5/8" & 3/4"$ 54.43$ 56.61
1" Meter$ 83.93$ 87.29
1-1/2" Meter$ 157.66$ 163.97
2" Meter$ 246.14$ 255.99
3" Meter$ 526.33$ 547.39
4" Meter$ 939.24$ 976.81
6" Meter$ 2,369.69$ 2,464.48
8" Meter$ 4,139.30$ 4,304.88
10" Meter$ 6,203.83$ 6,451.99

Commodity Rates (All Customers): 

TypeBase Rate Per 100 Cubic Feet (100 Cubic Feet Equals 748 Gallons) as of March 1, 2019
Base Rate Per 100 Cubic Feet (100 Cubic Feet Equals 748 Gallons) as of March 1, 2020
Inside District$4.419$4.596
Outside District$5.081$5.285

Private Fire Service
Private fire services are charged a bimonthly service charge based on the size of the detector check. There is also a bimonthly service charge for the bypass meter installed with the detector check, based on the District's established service charge for standard type meters.

Bimonthly Private Fire Service Charge

Detector Check Size (Inch)Amount
4 or less$ 14.40
6$ 19.20
8$ 24.00
10$ 28.80
12$ 33.60
16$ 43.20

View the full Schedule of Rates and Fees (PDF).