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Free Educational Materials Order Form

  1. Free Educational Materials
    We are only able to provide materials to schools within the service area of the Alameda County Water District.

    If possible, please consolidate orders if more than one teacher from your school will be ordering materials. Please allow three weeks for delivery. For faster service, you may pick your order and will be contacted when it is available. Orders can be picked up at ACWD headquarters at:
    43885 S. Grimmer Blvd.
    Fremont, CA 94538

    (Items marked with an asterisk * are required.)
  2. Be a Water Saver!
  3. Let's Learn About Water
  4. Water Conservation Coloring Book
  5. Water Conservation Coloring Book (Spanish)
  6. Water Wise Kids
  7. About the Water Cycle
  8. Water From the Ground Up
  9. Water From the Ground Up Teacher's Guide
  10. The Story of Drinking Water
  11. Let's Learn About Using Water Wisely
  12. Water - Our Most Valuable Resource
  13. Our World of Water
  14. Use Water Wisely Poster (K-3rd) (max. 1 per classroom)
  15. Water Supply & Uses Poster (2nd-8th) (max. 1 per classroom)
  16. California Water Map (4th-12th) (max. 1 per classroom)
  17. California's Water System Poster (4th-12th) (max. 1 per classroom)
  18. Water Cycle Poster (max. 1 per classroom)
  19. ACWD Map (max. 1 per classroom)
  20. Groundwater: An Essential Part of California's Water Budget (9th - 12th)
  21. Pencils (max. 500)
  22. 12" Vinyl Rulers (max. 500)
  23. California's Amazing Delta Book Cover
  24. Magnets (max. 500)
  25. Recycled Paper Bags (replacement for discontinued plastic bags) (max. 500)
  26. California Poppy Seed Packets (max. 500)
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