Urban Water Management Plan

Updated Urban Water Management Plan Documents

The Urban Water Management Planning Act requires the Alameda County Water District (ACWD) to update its Urban Water Management Plan (Plan) every five years. On May 13, 2021, the ACWD Board of Directors adopted ACWD's 2020-2025 Plan, ACWD's Water Shortage Contingency Plan, and ACWD's Addendum to the 2015-2020 Plan. 

ACWD appended its 2015-2020 Plan to meet the requirements of the Delta Plan Policy WR P1, “Reduce Reliance on the Delta Through Improved Regional Water Self-Reliance” (“Reduce Reliance on the Delta”; California Code of Regulations, Title 23, section 5003) and is linked here: ACWD's Addendum to the 2015-2020 Plan (PDF). ACWD's 2020-2025 Plan also includes the Reduce Reliance on the Delta requirements and Water Shortage Contingency Plan. 

ACWD has also worked with the California Department of Water Resources to address minor edits to the 2020-2025 Plan and Water Shortage Contingency Plan; these edits were minor and resulted in no substantial changes to these documents. These minor edits and errata sheet were incorporated in the Plan and Water Shortage Contingency Plan Final Versions Including Minor Edits linked below. Previous versions of the Plan/Water Shortage Contingency Plan are linked below as well. 

Final 2020-2025 Plan Version Including Minor Edits (PDF)

Final Water Shortage Contingency Plan Version Including Minor Edits (PDF)

Appendix A of ACWD’s 2020-2025 Plan references ACWD’s water supply contracts. Visit the Water Supply Contracts page to learn more about these contracts.

Previous Plans and WSCPs:

ACWD’s 2020-2025 Plan (PDF)

ACWD's Water Shortage Contingency Plan (PDF)  

ACWD's 2015-2020 Plan