Conserving Water at Work

Spray valve and sink

ACWD offers a wide variety of water conservation rebates and programs to help businesses save water.


Please go to ACWD's rebates page to learn more about our rebate programs.

Water Use Efficiency Surveys

ACWD provides free water use efficiency surveys to businesses in our service area. A water conservation expert will evaluate indoor and outdoor water use, and provide recommendations for improving water use efficiency at your business.

Free Water Conserving Devices

Businesses that participate in our Water Use Efficiency Survey program are eligible to receive free water conserving devices, including faucet aerators, showerheads, and toilet flappers.

Green Business Certification Partnership

ACWD conducts the water conservation assessment for the Green Business Certification Program. Visit the Green Business program website to learn more and to apply.

Please contact ACWD's Water Conservation Team at 510-668-4218 or email the Water Conservation Team to get started with a water conservation assessment and to participate in these programs.