Conserving Water in Your Home

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ACWD offers a wide variety of water conservation rebates and programs to help our customers save water at home.


Please go to ACWD’s rebates page to learn more about our rebate programs.

Free Conservation Kits

Leak Detection Program

ACWD meter readers will leave a courtesy notice at the door if a leak is suspected. 

*On hold due to COVID-19. Instead, meter readers will call or send an email to notify customers if a leak is suspected.

Water Savings Assistance Partnership Program 

ACWD and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) have partnered to offer income qualified customers a FREE water and energy efficiency program. Through this program, local contractors will provide water and energy conservation assessments to residents, and when necessary, install new toilets, faucet aerators, low-flow showerheads and more!

NEW! As part of our drought response, ACWD is excited to offer new leak detection and repair services as part of the Water Savings Assistance Partnership Program. The new leak repair services were added to the program to offer income-qualified customers additional help and resources to conserve during drought. The new leak services include indoor and outdoor leak assessments and if needed, the installation of new kitchen and bathroom faucets, toilet flappers, sprinkler heads, and outdoor hose bibs.

If residents qualify for the Energy Savings Assistance Program offered by PG&E and are ACWD customers they can receive additional water savings services provided by ACWD for FREE.

Sign up by calling Bottom Line Utility Solutions (BLUS) at 800-597-2835. BLUS is the subcontractor that conducts the energy and water savings assessments and they will assist you in getting signed up for the partnership program.

Visit the WSAPP virtual education package after you have received services for more resources.