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Water Waste Reporting Form

  1. This form helps ACWD identify water waste and water use restrictions occurring in our service area.

    For major water leaks that require urgent attention, please call us immediately at (510) 668-6500.

    ACWD's Board of Directors adopted an Ordinance Prohibiting Wasteful Use of Water, ORDINANCE NO. 2008-01 (Ordinance) which is in effect at all times. The Ordinance was adopted by ACWD's Board to conserve the District's water supply and eliminate the wasteful use of water. Learn more about ACWD's restrictions on water use at

  2. Please upload a photo so that we can get a better idea of what the issue is.

  3. Contact Information
    You can report this information anonymously, but please provide enough information so that we can determine the appropriate action.
  4. So we can follow up with questions to help identify the issue, if needed.
  5. So we can follow up with questions to help identify the issue, if needed.
  6. Provide the address or cross streets/location where the waste is occurring.
  7. Please check the appropriate box(es)*

    For a full list of ACWD's restrictions, view the full ordinance at

  8. Include time of day information so we can observe the occurrence, if needed.
  9. Upon receipt of this information we will investigate to determine the appropriate action.
    Thank you for your assistance!
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