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Tour Request Form

  1. Tour Request Form

    All requests for tours must be submitted on the ACWD Tour Request Form. For scheduling reasons, all tour requests should be submitted as far in advance as possible and a minimum of two weeks before your preferred date. Tours are typically a minimum of 5 participants with a maximum of 15.  Participants are required to be at a minimum in elementary school grade 4. Exceptions cannot be made. Larger groups may be accommodated depending on staff availability. Larger school groups may be accommodated with additional school chaperones.

    For security reasons, a list of all participants and their organization affiliation must be submitted to ACWD at least one week before the tour date. To gain access to the ACWD facility on the day of the tour, a photo ID of each participant over age 16 may be required. 

    Thank you.

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  2. Please select your preferred tour time/date Tuesday - Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tours typically last 1.5 hours. Flat, closed-toed shoes are required and weather-appropriate attire (jackets during winter months, comfortable clothing, hats and sunscreen during summer months) should be worn because a majority of the tour is conducted outdoors.
  3. Tours may require standing, walking and climbing of stairs for a majority of the tour. Please advise us in advance if any members of your group require special accomodations.
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