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Fire Flow Test Application


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  • Notice

    1. Notice


      Due to the ongoing water shortage, the Governor’s declaration of a drought emergency for California, ACWD's Board of Director's declaration of a water shortage emergency and adoption of an ordinance with mandatory water use restrictions aimed at reducing water use by 15% across the Tri-City area, ACWD is taking extraordinary measures to conserve its limited water supplies. One such measure is to suspend routine fire hydrant flow testing. ACWD is still accepting applications for fire hydrant flow test data, but in most cases, existing historical fire flow test data in the vicinity of the requested flow location will be deemed applicable and will be furnished in lieu of a field fire hydrant flow test. Applicable historical fire flow test data include, but are not limited to, data which are: 

      1) In the general area of the flow test requested; 

      2) Up to 7 years old, or more in some cases; 

      3) In an area of the water distribution system that has not changed significantly since the test was conducted.

      ACWD makes no representation that the data furnished is necessarily representative of the pressure or flow that can be expected at the location identified on the application. ACWD may conduct fire hydrant flow testing for certain cases in which applicable historical fire flow test data are not available. In such limited testing, the test will only be performed using 2- 1/2” nozzles of fire hydrants (no 4” nozzle fire flows). Any requests for waivers of this water conservation measure must be accompanied by a written request from the local fire department. 

      To request historical data, complete the accompanying form and note your request for historical data in the comment area of the form. There is no cost for historical fire flow test data – do not make payment when submitting the application. ACWD will review fire flow test data applications on a weekly basis and will notify the applicant should field fire flow testing be required (in which case the fee noted at the top of the form will be due prior to testing). 

      ACWD Engineering Department 

      43885 South Grimmer Blvd. Fremont, CA 94538 

      See the instructions on the Fire Flow Test Application Form for additional information. If you have any questions or require additional information about fire hydrant flow testing, please contact ACWD Engineering at