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Fire Flow Test Application


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  • Notice

    1. Fire Flow Test Application

      This is a webform to submit a Fire Flow Test Application to Alameda County Water District (ACWD).

      ACWD offers existing fire hydrant flow data to customers free of charge, provided the data is in close proximity to the desired location or project site, and the data is less than 5-years old. 

      ACWD will need to perform a new fire flow test in the event the existing data is older than 5-years, or is no longer representative of the existing ACWD water distribution system. 

      Once the application is submitted, an ACWD Engineering Technician will reach out to you regarding the status of the flow test data, and whether or not a new fire flow test will need to be performed. 

      ACWD charges $247 per fire flow test. If payment is required, please make the check payable to Alameda County Water District and to the address below. Please be sure to attention the envelope or payment to the Alameda County Water District Engineering Department.

      Alameda County Water District -  Engineering Department

      43885 South Grimmer Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94538

      Although reasonable efforts will be made to perform the fire flow test on the hydrants closest to the requested location, ACWD cannot guarantee that the nearest hydrants will be available for testing. Obstacles (i.e. parked cars, trees, posts, landscaping, etc.) and nozzle configurations or flow orientations may prevent ACWD from flowing particular hydrants.

      For questions, please contact us at (510) 668-4499 or

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