Water Resources Master Plan Update

Planning for the Future of Our Water Resources

Almost 30 years ago, ACWD prepared the 1995 Integrated Resources Plan (IRP) which looked carefully at the costs and benefits of dozens of approaches to match water supply to water demand. The IRP clearly established actions for the District, setting a clear pathway forward. In the years since that plan was adopted, much about the District and the state of water in California has changed. Recognizing this, ACWD is embarking on a new integrated planning effort that provides an opportunity to regroup, re-think, and re-imagine the future of water resources in our community.

To this end, ACWD is developing an update to the IRP: the Water Resources Master Plan (WRMP). The WRMP will serve as long-range planning document that will outline the District’s water supply strategy and inform many aspects of District planning, including our Capital Improvement Plan, compliance with the Urban Water Management Planning Act and Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, the 5-Year Engineering Report, and the 5-Year Strategic Plan. With a 25-year planning horizon, the 2025 WRMP will inform critical decision making on infrastructure, water supply investments, and water resource policies. 

The District is dividing this work into two phases. Phase 1 is focused on scoping and developing the framework by assessing priorities, desired outcomes, and community values to set goals and objectives for the Plan. Phase 2 will include the evaluation of water supply options and development of water supply portfolios used to create models. These models, along with financial and economic analyses, will help make planning decisions.

Throughout this process, ACWD has been and will continue to engage with a wide range of interested parties. The project team has been engaging with ACWD’s Board of Directors to better understand planning objectives and desired outcomes. A public opinion survey and workgroups have also been used to learn more about community priorities. Information gathered in these forums will be used to inform the process for Phase 2, which is anticipated to begin in late summer 2024.

Check back for further updates as work on the Water Resources Master Plan continues.