Alvarado Niles Pipeline Seismic Improvements

Main Renewal and Seismic Upgrade Program

Proposed Project Description:

The Alvarado-Niles Pipeline Seismic Improvement Project is part of the District’s $10 million per year Main Renewal and Seismic Upgrade Program (MRSUP). This vital project will improve the seismic reliability of the water distribution systems in the northern portion of the Alameda County Water District’s service area. The project will include the installation of over 3.5 miles of 14-inch and 16-inch steel pipe along Smith Street and Alvarado Niles Road, between Union City Boulevard and Decoto Road. This pipeline will be designed and installed to sustain a major seismic event along the Hayward Fault, and provide a critical water lifeline to our customers in the District’s northern service area. Construction for the first phase of the project is expected to commence in June 2020.


Phase 1 - Smith Street and Alvarado Niles Road, between Union City Boulevard and Central Avenue.
Map (PDF)

Alvarado Niles Pipeline fly over video download

Project Information

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Public Outreach Presentation                                                                                                          

Public Outreach Letter

Main Renewal Program Frequently Asked Questions

Alvarado Niles Pipeline Seismic Improvement Project Frequently Asked Questions

Service Interruption Map 1          Service Interruption Map 2

Anticipated Construction: June 2020 - July 2021.

Project Contacts

  • Contractor Contact: Garney Pacific (Contractor) Clint Gust, (775) 813-7056, or Greg Lutes, (916) 217-4615, (all hours) 
  • Alameda County Water District: Sharene Gonzales, Public Affairs Supervisor (510) 668-4208, or Sharene Gonzales (business hours)
  • Alameda County Water District: Chris Delp, Engineering Supervisor (510) 668-4422, or Chris Delp (business hours)

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