Vendor's Guide to ACWD Procurement and Contracts

Vendor Database

If you are interested in doing business with the District, you may register your business on this website. The District's Procurement and Contracts issues solicitations to purchase materials, supplies, equipment and services estimated to cost more than $10,000 through the website. Please select one or more categories pertaining to your area(s) of interest when registering. Vendors will receive an email notifying them of the issuance of an Invitation For Bid or Request For Proposal based on the categories selected during registration. Please be sure to submit a monitored email address or register more than one individual to prevent missed business opportunities if one of the individuals is out of the office. Capital Improvement Project solicitations are issued by the Engineering and Information Technology Services Department and are available here: Capital Improvement Projects

Invitation for Bids

 A formal competitive solicitation process known as an Invitation For Bid or IFB is used to procure materials, supplies and equipment estimated in value to be greater than $25,000. IFBs, which may offer a pre-bid meeting and the opportunity to seek clarification, contain exact specifications and are awarded to the bidder who offers the lowest price. Bids must be submitted in a sealed package marked with the bid number by the date and time specified in the IFB. Late bids will not be accepted and shall be returned unopened to the sender. All IFBs greater than $25,000 are open to the public; IFBs greater than $100,000 in cost require approval of award by the Board of Directors. Either a purchase order or contract will be issued to the responsive bidder.

Reverse IFBs are issued periodically via email or the website to offer surplus materials/equipment to the marketplace. Such materials may include scrap metal, including brass water meters, and other equipment that is functional but has been declared as surplus. Reverse IFBs seek the highest price to be paid to the District. Site visits are typically offered for interested vendors to evaluate the products or materials prior to the deadline for bid submittal. The District's Reverse IFB will state the time allowed to remove the items and the manner of payment for them.

 Requests for Proposals

 A Request for Proposal (RFP) may be used to enter into contracts for professional or technical services. This competitive solicitation type may be issued formally via the District's website when the solicitation is estimated to be greater than $25,000. A pre-proposal meeting and opportunity for prospective vendors to ask questions are typically offered as part of the process. Contracts resulting from RFPs are awarded based on an evaluation of established criteria, such as approach to the scope of services and the proposer's relevant experience and expertise. Contracts resulting from a RFP are not awarded on cost alone. Contract terms may range from single to multiple years for services or for the specific duration of a project. Approval of award by the Board of Directors is required for contracts greater than $100,000. 

Requests for Quotations

A Request for Quotation is used primarily for purchases of goods, materials, supplies, equipment and services estimated in value to be between $10,000 and $25,000. The District will email the RFQ to all vendors known to carry the requested products or with the expertise to provide the services. A purchase order or contract will be issued to the vendor who responds by the RFQ's established deadline with the lowest price and most favorable delivery term.

For purchases less than $10,000, at least one verbal or written quotation is required, however; three quotations for cost comparison,  when applicable, is preferred.  Award will be made to the vendor that offers the lowest price and most favorable delivery term or response time. A purchase order or credit card may be used to place the order.

Equal Opportunity

It is the policy of the District that all businesses be provided equal access to participate in the performance of all District contract and leasing opportunities.

Sales/Use Tax

The District is not exempt from sales/use tax and will pay the California Sales or Use Tax as applicable.

Contact Procurement and Contracts

 For questions related to purchasing at ACWD, please email the Procurement Department or 510-668-IBID (4243).