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Residential Water Use Home Survey Results Form

  1. Instructions

    ACWD offers a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Residential Home Water Use Survey that customers can complete to evaluate opportunities for efficiency in indoor and outdoor water use. Please reference the guides linked in each section for step by step instructions on how to conduct each portion of the home water audit. A section of the survey includes checking toilets for leaks and measuring flow rates of faucets using everyday items found around your home (if you cannot find the flow rates on the actual fixtures). Before beginning the survey, please have ready:

    • Blue food coloring or toilet leak detection dye tabs (ACWD offers toilet leak dye tabs for free, so if you would like a packet, please contact our Water Use Efficiency Team)
    • Kitchen measuring cup
    • 5 gallon bucket

    Submit your findings to ACWD by completing the online form below, or downloading a physical copy to complete and mail to: Alameda County Water District, C/O Water Conservation, 43885 S. Grimmer Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538 to receive water use efficiency devices and recommendations! You can also email the form to our Water Use Efficiency team. Please also download the accompanying guide for instructions and help completing the survey. 

    Please keep a copy of this survey for your records by entering your email address and checking the box at the end of the form labeled "Receive an email copy of this form." It may be helpful to reference your responses when reviewing the water use efficiency report that our team will prepare and provide to you. If submitting a physical form, please keep a copy.  

    Please contact ACWD’s Water Use Efficiency Team by emailing us or calling (510) 668-4218 if you have any questions.

    Thank you for participating and taking this step towards having a more water wise home!

  2. Contact Information
  3. Date you completed the home survey

  4. The residential address the survey was completed for.

  5. City

    You must be a member of one of these communities in order to be eligible to receive free devices as part of the survey program.

  6. ACWD rolled out Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) that provides customers with detailed water use information. Eventually, every meter in the ACWD service area will be a smart meter.

    If you have a smart meter, the meter box lid will be plastic, or you will see a 3-inch black circle lid. Please do not attempt to lift the lid as this may damage the wiring. If you have a smart meter, proceed to the "My Smart Water Connect AMI Portal Usage" section below. If you do not have a smart meter, please conduct the meter check, pin test, and house line test sections. 

  7. Meter Check and Pin Test

    If you do not have an AMI smart meter installed yet, did the water meter move after turning off all water using fixtures and appliances? View instructions on how to conduct a Meter Check and Pin Test.

  8. House Line Test

    Only conduct this test if you do not have an AMI meter and are checking your standard meter. 

    After turning off the main water valve and conducting the house line test, does the meter move? View instructions on how to conduct the House Line Test.

  9. My Smart Water Connect AMI Portal Usage

    This applies only if you have an AMI smart meter installed. Did you see continuous consumption on your water usage or have you received a leak alert via the My Smart Water Connect customer portal? View instructions on how to determine if you have continuous consumption via the My Smart Water Connect Portal.

    If you did not see continuous consumption, continue to "Indoor Tests."

  10. Toilet Leak Checks
  11. Issues Found
  12. Typically, toilets are labeled near the back of the toiler seat or inside the tank (e.g. 1.6 gpf). If you do not know, leave blank. If you have a dual-flush toilet, please indicate in the text box.

  13. Issues Found
  14. Issues Found
  15. Issues Found
  16. Example: "Toilet 5 - 1.6 gpf. Hissing, flapper is leaking. Toilet 6 - No issue."

  17. Indoor Tests

    Record the flow rate in gallons per minute (GPM) for the sinks and showerheads in your home. (E.g.  1.5 GPM). View instructions on how to measure flow rates of fixtures and how to find other common sources of indoor leaks.

  18. *1.5 GPM or less is considered efficient

  19. *Sinks: 1.0 GPM or less is considered efficient

  20. *Showers: 1.5 GPM or less is considered efficient

  21. Example: "Bathroom 5 - Sink: 1.5 GPM, Showerhead: 1.5 GPM. Bathroom 6 - Sink: 2.0 GPM, Showerhead: 2.5 GPM"

  22. Did you find any leaks indoors?
  23. Outdoor Tests
  24. Irrigation

    Complete this section to report what you discovered during your irrigation check. View instructions for how to identify common sources of outdoor leaks.

    Check all that apply. 

  25. Did you find any leaks outdoors?
  26. Other Water Use

    Did you complete the About My Home Survey in the My Smart Water Connect customer portal?

    *Note: We strongly recommend you complete this survey as well so the ACWD Water Use Efficiency Team can provide additional recommendations for programs and resources that are specific to your needs. View instructions for how to find the About My Home Survey in the My Smart Water Connect Portal.

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