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ACWD Mandatory Restrictions on Water Use Exception Appeals Form

  1. Use this form if you applied for an Exception to the Alameda County Water District (“District”) Water Shortage Emergency Ordinance (“Ordinance”) and it was denied or was approved with conditions, and you are appealing the decision. You have 15 business days to appeal a denied Exception or to appeal an approved Exception with conditions. Please be specific as to why you believe the appeal should be considered.

  2. Exception Information
  3. Applicant Information
  4. By entering my name below, I represent that the statements made and information provided with this appeal are true and correct. If it is determined that information included in this appeal is not true and correct, I understand and agree that the District will deny the appeal or rescind the grant of an exception. I understand and agree that this appeal and all related documents are public records and are subject to public disclosure.

  5. For Questions or Concerns

    Please email or call ACWD's Water Conservation Hotline at 510-668-4218.

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