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2021 Lead and Copper Tap Sampling Program

  1. Thank you for your interest!

    Please fill out the form below so that we can confirm your eligibility for participation. If you have any questions, please email or call 510-668-6599.

    We conduct this Triennial Lead and Copper Tap Sampling Program in order to comply with State and Federal drinking water regulations for lead and copper. The water leaving our treatment facilities contains no detectable lead or copper but minute amounts of these contaminants may dissolve from the metal content in household plumbing. For further information, please visit

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  3. 1. Do you live in a single-family home?

  4. 2. Do you have a water treatment device for the entire house (e.g. water softener or reverse osmosis system)?

  5. 3. Do you have any faucets with no treatment devices (e.g. under-the-sink or faucet carbon filters)?

  6. 4. If you have a treatment device on a faucet, can the treatment device be removed or bypassed?

  7. 6. Has the plumbing in your house been replaced?

  8. 7. What kind of pipes are installed in your house?

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