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ACWD Records Request Form

  1. Instructions
    Use this form to request water-related records pertaining to Fremont, Newark, or Union City. Please read the following instructions prior to completing the form.

    1. Provide contact information and describe the records as specifically as possible. You will be contacted once the records are assembled.

    2. For duplication requests, you will be notified of an estimated amount due. Copies will be made upon receipt of payment. If more than 25 copies are made, you will be charged 10 cents/page (15 cents for larger than 11x17) and 75 cents per CD. Each certification is $1. Postage will be charged if applicable. For data compilation, extraction, or programming needed to produce records, there will be a $50/hour charge for all time expended in excess of 15 minutes.

    3. You will be notified within 10 days of the status of your request. You will then have 10 days to inspect the records. Requests expire 20 days from the date of request. For additional questions, please call (510) 668-4202.
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    We are only able to fulfill requests for water-related information pertaining to Fremont, Newark, or Union City, California.
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