What are the benefits of AMI for me?

AMI allows water meters to be read remotely so customers can:

• Detect potential leaks early

• Reduce surprise water bills

• View up-to-date water usage

This new tool supports customers’ water efficiency efforts and reduces the agency’s carbon footprint with fewer trucks on the road since water meters will soon be read remotely instead of manually once every two months. Together, through the use of this smart technology, we can work toward achieving ACWD’s water conservation goals and improve water supply reliability for our community while saving money through operational efficiencies. 

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1. What is AMI technology?
2. What are the benefits of AMI for me?
3. What does the AMI project mean for me?
4. I received a letter in the mail about this project. What does it mean?
5. I received a notice on my door about this project. What does it mean?
6. I received a visual, two-sided fact sheet about the project. What does it mean?
7. Why does ACWD need to upgrade my current water meter?
8. Why is ACWD doing this AMI Project now?
9. When will my water meter be upgraded? How will I know?
10. Will I need to do anything to sign up to receive my AMI meter upgrade?
11. Have other water districts implemented AMI?
12. Is there a cost associated with these AMI improvements?
13. Will my information be secure?
14. Is AMI technology safe?
15. Is AMI technology a wise investment?
16. Will the AMI technology attach to the current manually read meter or will it be placed somewhere else on residents’ property?
17. How does the new AMI technology work, and how will the meters be read?
18. How will we be able to recognize the AMI technology installers? Will they be wearing ACWD uniforms?
19. Will ACWD be hiring installers locally?
20. How long will the installation take?
21. When will I be notified about when the installers will upgrade my meter?
22. Will there be safety precautions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic?
23. What if my question is not answered here?