How will we be able to recognize the AMI technology installers? Will they be wearing ACWD uniforms?

ACWD has partnered with Badger Meter and Professional Meters, Inc (PMI) to install the AMI devices. PMI has successfully installed more than 1 million integrated meters, just like the ones you will be receiving, and are highly skilled at the installation process.

The PMI installation team will carry a letter for our customers that will explain their work on the new meters. The PMI and ACWD Advanced Meter logos will be on their uniforms, badges, and on their trucks. You will be able to recognize the PMI installation team, as they will wear a distinct uniform that includes a:

  •  Neon green T-shirt with the PMI logo and the ACWD Advanced Metering logo
  •  PMI badge displaying the ACWD Advanced Metering logo and including
  • Their name;
  • Photo;
  • Issue Date;
  • And a number to call to confirm their identity.

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22. How will we be able to recognize the AMI technology installers? Will they be wearing ACWD uniforms?
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25. When will I be notified about when the installers will upgrade my meter?
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27. I received a notice of a pre-existing customer leak. What does this mean? Why wasn’t my meter installed?
28. What if my question is not answered here?