What does the AMI project mean for me?

ACWD commenced successfully upgrading AMI technology at homes and businesses in March 2021, and anticipates completing the roll out to all 86,000+ homes and businesses in May 2024. We will be communicating with our customers throughout the installation process to provide updates, especially when installation is about to begin. Here’s what you should know about the installation process:

• Notifications: You’ll receive a letter at your home or business informing you about the installation a few weeks in advance.

 You will also receive two notifications on your doorknob about your meter installation:

○ First Notice: Within 10 working days in advance of the installation

○ Second Notice: Once the work is completed

We may also leave a third notice on your doorknob to reschedule your installation if our installation team has trouble accessing your meter.

• Our Installation Team: ACWD has partnered with Badger Meter and Professional Meters Inc. (PMI) to perform these upgrades. You will recognize them because of their neon green ACWD/PMI uniforms and photo ID badges. Installers will also carry a letter to authenticate their work on the project.

• CDC Guidelines Followed: The installers are following all federal, state, and county local, state and CDC guidelines as well as local regulations, and we ask our customers to please do the same.The installers are following local, state, and CDC guidelines by performing daily health screenings, maintaining social distancing, and wearing proper personal protective equipment, that includes face masks, to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

• Clear a Path: Please keep a clear path to and around the meter box, so the installers can easily access and upgrade the meter within a reasonable amount of time. If the installer must move objects to gain access to the meter box, they are not obligated to return them to their original position(s). Please trim any overgrown landscaping near your water meter box to provide easy installer access.Please keep a clear path to and around the meter box, so the installers can easily access and upgrade the meter within a reasonable amount of time. 

• Temporary Water Stoppage: During the one-hour installation process, installers will need to shut off the water — one home at a time. No one’s water will be shut off for more than an hour unless otherwise communicated. Water at your residence will be temporarily turned off — for no more than one hour unless otherwise communicated — for the installation of the AMI device. No further action is required from you. 

• Flush Out Your Pipes Post-UpgradeUpgrading your water meter may cause temporary air in your pipes and water discoloration. Your water remains safe and meets or surpasses all state and federal drinking water standards for public health and safety. Please run cold water from a fixture without a screen for about 30 seconds to flush it out. Consider capturing this water and use it for watering plants.

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