When and where will construction take place?
ACWD’s ongoing commitment to environmental and wildlife protection includes the construction of several projects along Alameda Creek. These projects span several years --- several projects have been completed with projects continuing into 2021. Up-to-date project locations and schedules can be found at: www.acwd.org/Fishway.

We will strive to limit construction hours to Monday-Friday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., but construction may also occur on Saturdays and Sundays or at night, as needed. We will post notices where construction will occur and provide advance notice of construction activities so that you can more easily plan your commute and trail use.

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1. What is the purpose of the projects along Alameda Creek?
2. Why is ACWD concerned about fish in Alameda Creek?
3. How will these projects improve fish passage?
4. Who is involved?
5. When and where will construction take place?
6. What construction impacts can be expected?
7. How will construction traffic be managed?
8. Will the Alameda Creek Trail be closed during construction?
9. Will dogs still be allowed in Shinn Meadow?
10. Will fishing be impacted at Quarry Lakes or Shinn Pond?
11. What is the cost of these projects and how will they be funded?
12. What are the environmental impacts of this project?
13. Why are the creek and pond levels so low, and how will this impact fish?
14. How can I get more information?