Avalon Tank Hillside Slope Erosion Protection Project


The Project will protect the Avalon Tank site from slope erosion on the hillside immediately upslope from the tank and minimize routine maintenance required on the hillside.  The Project involves retrofitting of the existing soil nails, installing additional new soil nails and applying a concrete facing over the soil nails to stabilize the hillside. The Project also includes installation of bulkhead walls where the hillside is left uncovered to protect existing drainage ditches from hillside erosion, repairs to existing damaged ditches to allow adequate drainage, and installation of new site safety features to allow continued maintenance access. These additional site improvements will minimize routine maintenance hillside drainage system due to erosion and run off.

The Project will begin construction in June 2022 and will be performed by Disney Construction. The construction is anticipated to last from June 2022 to November 2022.

The Project is located at the end of Saint Francis Terrace in Fremont, California
Project Map

Project Information

Public Outreach Presentation

Resident Construction Notification Letter

Project  Contacts

Disney Construction, Inc.
Phone: (650) 259-9545

ACWD Project Manager
Andrea Bautista
Email Andrea Bautista
Phone: (510) 668-4488

ACWD Public Affairs
Sharene Gonzales
Email Sharene Gonzales
Phone: (510) 668-4208

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