Driscoll Road Main Renewal Project


The Driscoll Road Main Renewal Project is part of the District’s Water Main Renewal Program. The project includes installation of approximately 7,400-feet of 12-inch to 16-inch diameter steel water main and the replacement of customer water service connections, hydrants and other appurtenances along Driscoll Road and a portion of Paseo Padre Parkway to improve system hydraulics, seismic reliability, post-earthquake service restoration, and reduce future maintenance costs.  The project is currently in design. This project is key to efficiently maintaining ACWD’s infrastructure to ensure water service reliability.

Construction is expected to begin in fall 2020 and last for 6 to 8 months.



Project design is in progress; field utility locating work is underway in support of the design effort and is expected to last through June 2020. ACWD’s Contractor will perform exploratory field work (potholing) in the project location through June 2020.  This work may cause temporary delays to traffic and temporary lane closures, short-term unavoidable construction-related noise, and limited parking in the vicinity of the work. Traffic controls and flaggers will be in place to help minimize disruptions.

Potholing field work will be completed by Devaney Engineering, Inc.


Driscoll Road, between Timber Creek Terrace (near Washington Boulevard) and Mission Boulevard; and on Paseo Padre Parkway, between Driscoll Road and Gomes Road.

Project Location Maps (PDF) 


Project Manager: Dorota Budzynska
Email Dorota Budzynska 
Phone: 510-668-4420 

Public Affairs: Sharene Gonzales
Email Sharene Gonzales
Phone: 510-668-4280

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