Small Diameter Pipeline Renewal Project


The Small Diameter Pipeline Renewal Project (Project) is part of the District's $10 million per year Main Renewal Program to replace and upgrade critical, aging water infrastructure and improve water service reliability.

The smaller and less complex pipeline renewal projects support the large diameter transmission main renewal projects currently in progress. With planned construction on an as-needed basis, the Project will provide more consistent year-to-year progress and expenditures within the Main Renewal Program.

Pipelines located at nine sites were identified for evaluation and potential renewal as part of the Project. Each site is comprised of multiple water mains and was chosen based on material type, age and maintenance history. The water mains are generally older pipelines located in residential areas throughout Fremont, Newark, and Union City.

The pipe selection and construction schedule for the Project will depend upon the status of other, large diameter main renewal projects within the program. 


Design of the Small Diameter Pipeline Renewal Project is currently in progress. The field exploratory work (potholing) is underway and is expected to last throughout June 2019. During this work, residents and business owners may experience short-term unavoidable construction-related noise, limited parking and traffic control in the vicinity of the work. The field work will be completed by Subtronic Cooperation.

Multiple project sites throughout Fremont, Newark, and Union City.
Project Location Maps (PDF)


Design Phase: 2018-2019
Construction Phase: To be Determined
Project Manager: Dorota Budzynska
Email Dorota Budzynska
Phone: 510-668-4420

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