Advanced Metering Infrastructure

ACWD currently records customer water consumption by reading water meters manually, typically every two months. In a move to be more efficient, provide enhanced customer service and reduce the environmental impact of our operations, ACWD is taking steps to transition to Advanced Metering Infrastructure, more commonly known as AMI.

AMI allows water meters to be read remotely, and it increases customer engagement. With the capability of offering near real-time data, AMI will enable customers to view water usage at any time during the billing cycle and monitor use to more quickly identify the possibility of leaks. with the online portal, customers will have the convenience of consumption data at their finger tips as well as the continued support from ACWD staff.

The multi-year project is in the planning phase as ACWD works to identify the best AMI options.

AMI Infographic v8

This page will be updated periodically as more information becomes available.

Project Manager:

Benjamin Egger, P.E.
Email Benjamin Egger
Phone: (510) 668-4482

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