Water Conservation Tips 

Five Ways to Save Five Gallons per Day

  • Shorten your shower by 2 minutes
  • Turn off water while brushing teeth 
  • Wash only full loads of laundry and dishes and cut back by one load per week.
  • Apply for a rebate to replace lawn with a water-efficient landscape! (see rebates page
  • Install a 'smart' irrigation controller and get money back when you purchase through ACWD! (see rebates page)

Hint: Some of these save more than five gallons per day!

Other Water Conservation Tips
These simple tips will help you quickly reduce your water use.

Water Conservation Rebate Programs
Learn about our Indoor and Outdoor rebate programs.

Finding and Fixing Leaks
Learn how to find leaks and quickly repair them.

Order a Free Water Conservation Kit
Free Water Conservation Kits are available to ACWD customers.

Report Water Waste
Use this online form to report water waste you've observed in the community or call (510) 668-4218.

Find out what the State is Doing this Year

More Resources

Please Conserve During this Critically Dry Year

California is experiencing severe drought following two critically dry years - locally and statewide. 

Customers can take simple actions to save water. Each person can make difference to help our community be better prepared for the future.

ACWD Aqueduct Newsletter - Drought Edition 2022

Please Save Water Postcard – July 2022

ACWD Aqueduct Newsletter - Drought Edition 2021 

Drought is Serious Postcard - November 2021


Take One Action Today to Save Water  - Water Conservation Hacks

Learn how to program common weather-based irrigation smart controllers to ensure you are in compliance with ACWD's irrigation schedule requirements, as outlined in ACWD's Ordinance Declaring a Water Shortage Emergency and Adopting Water Use Regulations, Restrictions, and Guidelines. 


One Saves Water - Fact Sheet for Businesses 

State Ban on Irrigating Non-Functional Turf - Fact Sheet for Commercial, Industrial, Institutional Customers

Homeowners Associations

One Saves Water - Fact Sheet for Homeowners Associations

State Laws for Water Conservation Governing HOAs

State Ban on Irrigating Non-Functional Turf at HOA Common Areas - Fact Sheet

Multi-Family Residential Complexes

One Saves Water - Fact Sheet for Your Apartment Complex

ACWD recognizes the importance of saving water and is doing its part as well. Learn more about what ACWD is doing to use water efficiently.

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