Current Water Supply Conditions

ACWD Drought Update

Following two critically dry years and with expected water supply constraints, the Alameda County Water District declared on December 9, a water shortage emergency in Fremont, Newark and Union City and adopted an ordinance with mandatory water use restrictions aimed at reducing water use by 15% across the Tri-City area. To learn more about the adopted water use restrictions, please review the Water Shortage Emergency Ordinance.

Statewide Drought Update

The State continues to call on all Californians to voluntarily conserve water by 15% to help protect water reserves if drought conditions persist.  For statewide up to date information, including the state's drought response, current drought conditions and other resources, please visit

Current Map of U.S. Drought Monitor Conditions for California

The U.S. Drought Monitor(USDM) is updated each Thursday to show the location and intensity of drought across the country. This map shows drought conditions across California including counties and cities. 

Diverse Water Supplies, Dry Year Planning & Customers' Conservation Helps ACWD Strive to Meet Tri-City Water Demands

ACWD has a diverse water supply and we have stored water during wet years for use during dry years. Learn about ACWD's water supply sources. Two of ACWD’s supply sources, the State Water Project and the San Francisco’s Regional Water System, are facing supply constraints due to drought requiring retailers to reduce. With limited supply available, ACWD is not able to meet the normal demands of the Tri-City area and is asking customers to reduce total water use by 15%.

Planning for dry years is a part of responsible water management. ACWD has developed resource planning to prepare for events that would impact normal water supplies. Learn about ACWD's water supply and long-term planning.   

Our customers continue to save water - thank you! In fact, customers are saving about 15% compared to the last drought.