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Water Shortage Emergency Declared 

Mandatory Water Use Restrictions in Effect

Following two critically dry years and with expected water supply constraints, on December 9, ACWD declared a water shortage emergency in Fremont, Newark and Union City and adopted an ordinance with mandatory water use restrictions aimed at reducing water use by 15% across the Tri-City area. Individual customer accounts will not be subject to specific reduction levels. 

Customers are asked to eliminate water waste, limit outdoor irrigation while maintaining landscape viability, and minimize other non-essential water use. 

Prohibited during the water shortage emergency:

  • Runoff from irrigation or watering
  • Leaks and breaks within the customers' plumbing that are not fixed within 72 hours after the leak is discovered
  • Draining and subsequent refilling of swimming pools
  • Use of decorative water fountains
  • Using hoses without quick-acting positive shutoff nozzles 
  • Hosing off sidewalks, driveways, etc.
  • Irrigation while it's raining, or irrigation that results in ponding or excessive runoff

Learn how to program common weather-based irrigation smart controllers to ensure you are in compliance with ACWD's irrigation schedule requirements, as outlined in ACWD's Ordinance Declaring a Water Shortage Emergency and Adopting Water Use Regulations, Restrictions, and Guidelines. 

View the Ordinance

Press Release:  ACWD Declares Water Shortage Emergency - issued 12/10/21

Mandatory Water Use Restrictions
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Investments in Advanced Metering Infrastructure Increase Water Use Efficiency

Over the next two and a half years, ACWD will install Advanced Metering Infrastructure or AMI. Customer benefits:

  • Receive leak alerts
  • Receive water use efficiency tips
  • Monitor water use
  • Review and pay bills