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ACWD Board of Directors Rescinds Drought Ordinance

On April 11, 2023, the ACWD Board of Directors voted unanimously to rescind its water shortage emergency ordinance and related restrictions effective immediately once the State Water Resources Control Board ends its emergency regulations. The State Water Board’s regulation requires agencies to implement measures to address water shortage levels of 10-20% and is currently set to expire on June 10. 

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The following restrictions remain in effect until the State regulation is rescinded or expires on June 10: 

    • Spray irrigation no more than once per week
    • Landscape irrigation during or within 48 hours of rainfall
    • Use of water that results in excessive flooding or ponding
    • Use of water for washing sidewalks, driveways and other hard-surfaced areas
    • Use of hoses without quick-acting shutoff nozzles
    • Draining and refilling swimming pools

See the Ordinance for other restrictions and details.

As we transition out of drought, please continue to use water wisely. ACWD's rebates help customers sustain long-term water efficiency.    

ACWD Board of Directors Rescinds Drought Surcharge Effective April 1

Thanks to ACWD's customers and their continued efficient water use, the Board rescinded drought surcharges on April 1, 2023. 

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Making Conservation a California Way of Life   

As drought conditions improve, we ask customers to remain water efficient. California remains vulnerable to climate change, and weather extremes will increase the frequency of extreme precipitation and more prolonged, drier conditions. Using water wisely now prepares us for tomorrow.  Learn how every drop counts, at Save Our Water

Top 5 Ways to Save Water

Top 5 Ways to Save Water

Report Water Waste

Report Water Waste

Rebates to Save Money & Water

Rebates to Save Water & Money

Free Water Conservation Kit

Free Water Conservation Kits 

State Water Resources Control Board

Water Conservation Emergency Regulations 

The State of California adopted emergency regulations that prohibit the irrigation of non-functional turf at commercial sites. This regulation is set to expire on June 10, 2023. Learn more about the State's regulations.

Investments in Advanced Metering Infrastructure Increase Water Use Efficiency

ACWD is upgrading meters with Advanced Metering Infrastructure or AMI. Customer benefits, include:

  • Receive leak alerts
  • Receive water use efficiency tips
  • Monitor water use
  • Review and pay bills