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Operations & Maintenance
Five Divisions
The Operations and Maintenance Department is made up of five divisions.

Distribution Maintenance
The Distribution Maintenance Division oversees the quality and reliability of the pipeline distribution system by inspecting, installing, and repairing pipes and meters, as well as administering the backflow prevention program.

Facility Maintenance
The Facility Maintenance Division maintains all District facilities, grounds, fleets, and large assets. It is responsible for control systems, security, emergency response planning, and the health and safety of district employees.

Laboratory Services
The Laboratory Services Division provides analytical and sampling support to District workforces for operational control and regulatory compliance.

Water Quality & Regulatory Compliance
The Water Quality and Regulatory Compliance Division assures compliance with all state and federal regulations for drinking water quality, air quality, and sanitary and stormwater permits. It provides treatment process and quality assurance support to the Water Production Division.

Water Production
The Water Production Division plans, organizes, and executes the operation of the District’s water treatment and blending facilities, pumping facilities, and related distribution and storage facilities.