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1. Is receiving and paying bills online hard to do?
2. I already pay some bills online. Is that the same as paying e-Bills?
3. If I pay bills online, do I give up control of when payments are made?
4. I already automatically deduct some payments from my bank account. Is that the same thing as an e-Bill?
5. How can I keep track of the bills I pay?
6. How much does it cost?
7. Is it safe to pay online?
8. Who is CheckFree?
9. What do I need to sign up?
10. Will I still get my paper bill?
11. Does my bank offer e-Bill service?
12. What if my bank does not offer eBill service?
13. Where can I find my bank's routing & transit number and checking account number?
14. How will I be notified when my bill is ready to view and pay?
15. Is an eBill the same as a mailed bill statement or invoice?