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Posted on: December 12, 2016

ACWD Board of Directors to Host Public Hearing on Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017 at 6 p.m.

The rate proposal includes increases to both the fixed service charge and the per-unit consumption charge beginning March 1, 2017. For the average single-family residential customer, these increases will amount to approximately $23.87 on each bimonthly bill in 2017 ($11.94 a month) and $5.95 ($2.98 a month) for each bill in 2018.

The decision to propose a rate increase does not come easy. Five years of drought have cost ACWD about $60 million in revenue and every opportunity has been taken to reduce or defer costs. The district has reduced staffing levels, utilized reserves, deferred necessary projects, temporarily decommissioned the Mission San Jose Water Treatment Plant, and taken advantage of our diverse water supply portfolio to minimize water costs. Despite these efforts, a significant gap remains between the cost of providing service and the revenues collected in rates.

The proposed rate increases will fund major capital projects necessary to ensure the reliable delivery of drinking water, address increased costs for securing and treating water supplies, and create a greater measure of long-term financial sustainability for ACWD.

At the Feb. 9 meeting, the Board also will consider launching the Help On Tap program to assist low-income residential customers in paying their water bills.

The Board also will consider late bill payment fees of $5, as well as additional fees for other services related to delinquent accounts.

You may submit a comment, vote of support or protest, and view a complete list of proposed service charges based on meter size by visiting the Rate Proposal page.

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